Monday, May 22

bringing the sun back home

I’m back, with a vengeance—errr-- stories as promised (long story, so bear with me). In a nutshell though, lemme just say that weekend was so much better than last time. I’ve come up with a long list why I came home beaming like I had brought the sun with me, but I decided to trim it down (just in case you get so bored).

1. The sun was there the whole weekend.
2. The beach was paradise.
3. Bonding with my former colleagues turned best friends.
4. I was able to catch MI 3 and The Da Vinci Code
5. Bonding (again) with my sis and brod (in the fraternity) whom I’ve missed for quite awhile.
6. Some simple thoughts that blew me big time.

Friday night

When we set foot at the place I thought the 3-hr drive wasn’t even worth it.

1. We weren’t allowed to make a bonfire.
2. It was a last-quarter moon that made no difference in the night sky. You couldn’t even tell the sea was out there. It was pitch black.
3. The sea was boringly calm. Where were the waves I love so much?
4. 3/4 of us wanted to retreat to bed and re-charge energy lost from the long trip.

As the night wore on, I changed my mind.

1. My first time to grill hotdogs and liempo and I was like a pro.
2. I was able to sing “I can’t cry hard enough” (without crying) while Athens was playing the guitar.
3. Over tequila, one guy friend was pouring his heart out about his breakup with his girlfriend of 3 years. At least we were there to listen.
4. I had the chance to let it out too. I didn’t really expect them to care that much for me.
5. More discussions on loving, losing, letting go and moving on.

Around 4 am, the tequila knocked them out. I was the only one sober (I had at least 6 glasses of coke). I couldn’t sleep (I thought it was the coke that perhaps gave me too much caffeine). Or maybe the things that came out of our discussion were stronger than the caffeine.
Athens asked :

1. Did you see him (ex # 5)earlier at the office?
2. What was your theme song?
3. Is it really over?
4. If he comes back for another chance, would you let him in again?
5. Are you happy now?

I was a little dumbfounded. I wanted to be smart and tough and appear like the kind of girl who has moved on from a bad fall. My answers:

1. Nope. (of course I lied). I’ve seen him, but I can’t tell him that. It still hurts a bit, but no one has to know that, right.
2. None, I told him. (I lied again). There were so many of them, I had to delete MP3s one by one coz hearing just one song play brings melodrama to my memory.
3. Of course. (Liar!) If it still makes you lie, I think it’s not over yet.
4. Of course not! (Liar, liar) I couldn’t be any crazier than that. I told him I’ve learned, and grown and become stronger now. But inside, I knew my arms were still wide open.
5. I don’t know. (at least I didn’t have to lie about that).

One of the guys shared about how much he loved his girlfriend, but how the girl’s family has decided to end their relationship. I couldn’t believe he was actually close to tears that he had to excuse himself to go to the washroom to keep himself intact in front of us. What if families stand in between your love? Or status. Or religion? Didn’t we keep singing “Love is all that matters?”

I know it’s a little idealistic to use that line when society has made things complex, so complex that love isn’t just about both of you being happy, it had to include the people around you. I told him to fight for his love, against all odds, but I had to rethink later. Can you really be happy when you have defied your family?

Finally I grew tired of thinking. My last thought was that I wished I had someone like our guy friend who was willing to fight for me. Maybe it would be nice to be in the shoes of his girlfriend--- being loved so much, and being fought for.


We rented a boat to take us into the deep sea, with all those enormous corals. The plan was to snorkel, but to our disappointment, no fish was in sight. We sun bathed for half an hour (now you could see my tan lines), and just got lost in the sea and time. Around 2 pm, we were on the road again.

Got back in Manila around 6pm (traffic!!!). Had dinner, (with the left-over food we had). Coffee with a guy friend (a little catching up with our lives’ progress over the past 3 months). The night capper was MI3 which I enjoyed because it was directed by JJ Abrams, my favorite. (creator of Alias & Lost)


I was able to catch The Da Vinci Code with my brod and sis. What can I say, the movie was okay, nothing extraordinary. Having read the book made it less fun to watch coz the surprise was no longer there. Thank God for my funny memory, I kind of forgotten most part of what I read so it was like I was watching the movie for the first time.

The best part really was the time I was able to spend with my brod and sis. I went home around 10:30 pm, but it still felt like I brought the sun back home.


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fun weekend for u! i can't wait for my own fun vacation this June. :)

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