Monday, May 8

dusty sunday

i’ve pretty bad colds today. i didn’t really think the dust could actually do this to me. i mean, i’ve always been pleased with my immune system (and i thought having milk and vitamins and 2 green mangoes last saturday would make me invincible). guess not. i must have overdone the “dusting” i did yesterday morning, having nothing else to do (except bed and TV).

i’ve earlier planned to wash the sheets, (i’ve finally changed them, thank God) but i was prevented by the cat. u see she recently gave birth and was recuperating beside our washing machine just by the drainer. i thought about moving her, and her cute little kittens (almost the size of an obese thumb) to a nicer place but the way the mother looked at me, i decided against the idea and just let them be. out of the blue got me thinking about my own maternal instincts (good luck dear). i mean look at the cat, so graceful and sure. breastfeeding and all. just one look and u’ll know how far she’ll go to shelter her babies. so i backed out.

instead i did a major cleaning of the house, from the ceiling to the floor, windows, bathroom, closets, books, fallen hair (lots and lots of it), shoe rack, shoes. i had to count them and i couldn’t quite believe i have like 42 pairs of shoes. i wonder how with so many pairs, i’m still here…same place… stuck… makes u think about carrie bradshaw again who’d wildly spend for manolo blahniks and end up without a penny to pay for her house. i worry i like carrie bradshaw too much.

anyway it felt nice to see my multi-tasking skills at work. while doing the cleaning, I was able to catch A Knight’s Tale (Heath Ledger), moisturize my skin, hot-oil my hair and do some of the routines i recalled from my yoga class.

heard mass later. it was a productive sunday so far.

yet, the dust beat me. (achoo!!)


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