Tuesday, May 23

occasions on which men have disappointed me

I’m currently reading Liz Jones’s Diary, a very witty account of how a single forty-something finally got married and what can I say, it’s hilarious. You’ll leave ev’ry page with a cackle (which gets me a little concerned, why, I’m reading in Powerbooks and I’ve this feeling I’m getting all those weird stares).

I’ve read half of the book, but I’m already writing this down on my Favorite books list (I promise to make a book review on this after I finish). It’s a must-read. The kind that could turn hopeless thirty-somethings to hopefuls with stars in their eyes.

I think for a minute it was a book Providence threw at me, you know, I felt so much like Liz Jones’s (like I was reading my own journal). She had this list of the no. of occasions men have disappointed her. And I thought I could come up with my own too. But this one I’m simply calling : “Occasions on which an ex has disappointed me”

1. When an ex compared me to a cell phone. I once bought a Nokia 3250. I told him the phone was okay, but it wasn’t something that made me smile all day. The features were all right, but it seemed lacking. Then I got an Ericsson K750i. I knew it was the one that I wanted. One night after a dinner date, I asked him if there was anything wrong coz he was unusually silent. Remember the thing about the cell phones? He said he met an Ericsson K750i. Now he can’t be unfair to a Nokia 3250. So I was the Nokia 3250 and that was his breakup line.

2. When an ex asked me to go to a motel with him. I cried, I felt insulted. I’ve never felt so cheap in my life. I think that “no” added more rocks to our already rocky relationship.

3. When an ex allowed his dad to insult me and nag me about disappointing him, when I got poor grades on the board exams. I was fighting tears, but my ex thought we should even be touched that his father gave a damn, at least. I thought what the hell, my parents cared about me too, but they never had to look down on me that way.
4. When an ex allowed his mom to treat me coldly and refer to me in the third person. Like over lunch she goes “O, pakainin mo na yang kasama mo.” Or “ O, baka tapos na siya.” Or “O, anong oras yan uuwe?” To think we were only four in the dining table. I wanted to tell my ex, tell your mom I’ve a name. My name is Malu.
5. When an ex broke up with me because I kept insisting pre-marital sex is a mortal sin. He thought otherwise. He saw nothing sinful about it. He said I was too orthodox and that if we couldn’t agree on what we believe in, it’s bound to end anyway.
6. When an ex loses his temper and uses foul language on me.
7. When an ex, two months after we break up, borrows money from me.
8. When an ex broke up with me saying I was too nice for him, and then he gets married the next month.
9. When an ex told me the reason he loved his ex was that she looked so much like his mom. I looked so unlike his mom.
10. When an ex insisted I grow my hair long.
11. When an ex told me he doesn’t love me anymore, and that all he could offer was sympathy (more like pity I think, which is much worse).
12. When one time we watched Phantom of the Opera and I told him I loved the song “Say you’ll love me” that I wanted it to be our wedding song and he just shrugged and slept throughout the movie.
13. When we were watching “If Only”, and I cried so hard coz I felt I was Jennifer Love Hewitt being taken for granted and everything, and he just looked at me irritatingly and goes. “Ano iniiyak mo dyan?”
14. When he sees a really beautiful woman and stares, and then he couldn’t even look at me.
15. When I had to pay for dinner so he’d have dinner with me.
16. When he flirts with my officemates. grrrrrr
17. When he begged so hard for his freedom.
18. When an ex would compare me to his ex.
19. When an ex called me by his ex’s nickname.
20. When an ex told me “Don’t try so hard!” when I only asked him if he was okay.


Blogger Dads said...

like, it's so disappointing.. or let's put it this way.. nakakairita, the things your exes did to u huh! luckily, ur no longer with 'em. u deserve better! and am sure u'll meet ur match. :)

8:59 AM  
Blogger raven said...

Malu, excellent post. That guy doesn't deserve you. I know it hurts, but I believe somebody better will take his place. Just trust in God to lead him to u. :)

More power!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Will said...

hi malu,
i blog-hopped from Raven's page to find ur little nest here!

omg.. this is so distressing :(
compared to a phone? asked to a motel? spoken in the third person? :(
whats wrong with these people?! no one deserves this!

but im glad u've found ur spirits. Just shows you can't keep a good woman down :)

12:02 PM  
Blogger luwees said...

dads: now u see why i really go green with envy when noel treats you like a princess!

raven: thanks,I know God is cooking something for me. And if it's from Him, then im in for a treat ryt =)

will:thanks, hearing u say that,u've raised my spirits more =)

6:29 PM  

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