Friday, May 5

one day

pls don’t think of me as narcissistic. after the 101 things, here i am talking bout myself again. this could go on to a million, no kidding. but that might bore you to death. so i thought i’d let u in to what’s a typical weekday for me. i feel like i’m on a tv show and the title would be, “a day in the life of marhsmalu”.

7:45 am - on weekdays i wake up at this time. that’s without an alarm clock that you snooze for like 10 times before i drag myself from bed [though that’s usually my ordeal during decembers when taking a morning shower (no heater) is like death penalty for me]. i wake up to the smell of shampoo on my roommate’s hair when she steps out of shower. my turn to shower.

8:10 am - it’s always a quick shower for me. so around this time i’m already drying my hair, putting on sesame seed oil, some moisturizer, something for my feet (my feet usually sweats a lot),some color on my face, my favorite perfume.

8:20 am – i dress up. put on pearls or gold or something funky (depending on my mood), my shoes, my bag, pack my milk and/or something to eat, face the mirror for the last time, smile. =)

8:30 am – we leave for work. travel time is 15 minutes. (5 minutes minus the traffic).

8:45 am – office. log in the PC, check emails, YM, friendster, blogs

9:00 am- breakfast in the pantry. usually oatmeal and a glass of cold milk.

9:15 - work officially starts here until lunchtime. in betweens, it’d be and some blog-hopping.

12:00 nn - lunch at the pantry.

12:30 pm – used to smoke by this time. now it’s just the net.

12:50 pm – brush my teeth, wash up, retouch.

1:00- pm- resume work until 5:30. in-betweens would be google search: anything under the sun. i’ve an insatiable appetite for learning. i write a little for my blog. merienda when in the mood. YM/telebabad with friends and ex-colleagues. SMS/call my family and friends. no overtime here. work is nothing i can’t handle.

5:30 – pack up. we’re goin home. travel time is longer (rush hour).

6:30 – home. change costume.

7:00 - dinner. (it’s always take-out coz we don’t cook at home. our landlady thinks cooking will get her walls oily so we respect that). catch TV patrol at the same time. story-telling too.

8: 00 – tv. rest a little. we’re huge fans of Sa Piling Mo. (just lately i’ve joined my preggy roommate in answering her crossword puzzles which she says is good for preventing memory loss).
10:00 – shower. floss (love it). sesame oil on my skin. baby powder.

10:30 –bed time. (takes me about 20 minutes to contemplate on the day’s events and say my thanks).

fun to write. but it suddenly got me worried. how long have i been living on this routine? say, 4 years? what does it tell me about tomorrow? it’s like i keep on walking in circles. my feet moves, but i’m standing still. the unacceptable part is that i made that schedule for the day. i had the power and the preference. i had control. and i’ve gotten so comfortable with it i completely forgot the road should have been straight, and not circular. and i’ve feet that could walk. and i’m too young to be immobile.

i probably should change my sked.

happy weekend!


Blogger macka said...

You can use some feelings. :)
Try putting some neutered eradications.
I might think you were someone else here.

Like your worst self-consciousness is your best outfit. Closer to raw is closer to reality.

It's just a feeling though.
YOU + SELF + Get together.

Try it. It's free.

*ps: please turn off anti-animosity of comments. (a little bit) :D

3:08 AM  

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