Friday, May 12

one week

i missed 4 days. i can’t really say i’ve been busy, coz if there was something i could afford to squander right now, it would be my free time. maybe i’ve just been terribly lazy. or could be a case of too many preoccupations causing a traffic jam in my already disorderly mind. haha. like i can ever buy myself a good excuse for my blogging hiatus. to be honest with you, i’m just so blank. i’ve been, the past days and though i feel a bit lost for words while writing this, i will have to try anyway.

it’s been a slack week for me, typically. i scarcely noticed the week has ended so fast. it’s friday today, i’m in my jeans and there’s a storm outside and the cold reminds me of a nice, soft bed, but i’m in the office and it’s a painful thought. i suddenly miss those rainy afternoons in bed when my mom would make us hot “hulog-hulog” for merienda. it’s made of malagkit rolled into small balls and dropped (hulog) in a mixture of water, ginger and molasses --- the best rainy day snack. we were kids then. and it’s one of my favorite moments as a kid.

i’m worried i’m thinking about food again when i’m still so full (like the food’s still in my throat area). we (my colleagues) just came back from a real hearty lunch of sisig, sinigang, blue marlin and beef tadyang and i guess i must have had too much cholesterol coz right now my head is a bit woozy (now i’ve another excuse for this chaotic piece i’m typing).

anyway, about my week’s report, nothing major really happened. it’s been the same home-office-home routine, the evening spent on soaps and sleep, plus sporadic dose of hollywood showbiz news and american idol. Which brings me to my next subject, chris’ shocking goodbye last night. i never liked him, (i’m a big taylor hicks fan) but it never occurred to me that he was gonna be voted out last night. i was thinking it’s gonna be elliot or katharine. elliot coz he seemed to me as the least popular among the fab four, katharine coz she sang poorly the other night (even with her lovely face). but chris? everyone thought he’s gonna be “the one” so i guess i’m as flabbergasted as the rest of the world. but at least to my relief, coz i was kinda worried about taylor getting kicked out of the four. i still hope taylor wins. go taylor!!

so what else happened during the week… oh finally i was able to do the laundry last night. mommy cat was away (my guess is that she may be looking for food) so i took the chance of moving the three poor kittens to a nice box. when she got back she was really anxious that she had to find another shelter for her babies. this cat shows me what great mothers are made of. which reminds me of mother’s day and my own mom (who i miss so much) and a question i ask myself once in a while. when will i ever get to be greeted happy mother’s day? or who’s goin to be the lucky dad? haha. i’m having delusions now. could be the cholesterol.

that’s how the week passed by like a breeze. tonight my colleagues and i will be singing our hearts out in a ktv bar in jupiter. maybe have a little drink, but it’s definitely goin to rock the house. go predict what’s gonna happen with the storm outside.

happy weekend!


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