Wednesday, May 24

sibling stories

Got an email from my brother today. It bore no message, just photos. Strong and beautiful photos one could have mistaken for as pages from a magazine. But it was no surprise for me. My brother, only 24 has well earned a reputation for being one of the best lens men in our place.

Let me put it this way. Every time I see his work, I feel so proud, it shows in my eyes. I’ve to wrestle with the impulse to brag about him, and tell the whole world “He’s my brother, you know!” (See, now I’m starting..)

One of the things about weddings that excite me is that my brother promised to take my pictures. The way I see it, I’m going to be one beautiful bride come that day.

Anyway the photos he sent were taken last 20th of May, capping ceremonies of our sis (youngest) who, more or less 2 years from now would have become a full-fledge nurse. And maybe fast forward another year, would have already gone to the States (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

I regretted not having been able to come home to celebrate that “step closer to her dream”. (But I did send a gift, which practically made up for my absence, I hope).

The photos made me a bit nostalgic. Again I miss my family.

Right now I’m looking at one photo of my mom and dad, it was a candid shot and it was like the kind of smile they had on my graduation day, except for more aging lines. I’m a bit concerned that most of the lines on their faces are due to anxiety than aging. I mean, they’re only about to turn 50 this year.

My favorite photo was that of my sis and her boyfriend (I’m posting it here) and it just made me beam. It was like they wore an expression that had a lot of dreams, and love. Sometimes I worry (especially my parents) that they’re too young to be in love, their studies might suffer. My mom would go as far as thinking that my sister would one day go home pregnant.
But I thought I also had those years. My parents had the same fears. But just as I assured my parents that I will at all times use my head over my freaking heart, my sis told me, we won’t be disappointed. I’ve gotta take her word for it.

Even for a short time that I got to know Borj (his boyfriend), I trust that he would take care of my sis. Now I don’t fret that much. Besides they’re too cute together and Borj tells me they plan to work in the States after they pass the board. Now I’m green with envy.

I couldn’t keep that sigh from coming out of my heart. Isn’t it just lovely? Having somebody make you part of his future. Having someone to share your dreams. Having someone who just looks at you and you know you’re not going home to an empty house. Just holding hands with him makes you ready for anything.

Oh my. My melodrama taking the better of me. I should stop.

I miss my siblings.


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