Saturday, May 6

thank god there’s powerbooks

i honestly would have gone mad by now. thanks to powerbooks, got an easy remedy for my insufferable B O R E D O M. though i love saturdays in bed when i’d wake up after lunchtime and watch TV uncontrollably, this morning i felt like i needed to get out. first it’s hell-hot (if i were an egg, i’d have fried in one minute). second i suddenly felt sick just thinking bout lyin in bed the whole day.

u see i’m home alone during weekends. my roommate goes home to the province to be with her husband, whom she only sees in the weekend. i’ve no book to read, no dvd to devour, nothing in tv that interests me, no laundry (though would u believe i actually love doing the laundry especially the spin-dry part where i’m amazed how the water got squeezed out almost magically), no food, no friends (umm, just busy).

been planning to do yoga (my mat has been gathering dust for a while now).. but i don’t know, can’t seem to find that mood. thought about watching MI 3 alone, but it didn’t sound like fun. tried going around the shops a bit, but i wasn’t depressed.

my stomach whimpered a little so i got into this cute spaghetti house and ate italian style fried chicken. i’ve always been comfortable eating alone, but today i don’t know, it felt like people were staring at me with those pitiful eyes that goes “oh poor, single, starved girl” (ok my first meal for the day). i usually don’t care, but today i relented. took my phone and pressed the keys like i was texting something. well i wasn’t and it was ridiculous. i decided i’d give my mom a call instead. they were fine. at least i felt nice after that.

i went to a book fair in glorietta, but to my dismay it was all danielle steel and nora roberts and johanna lindsay and jude devereaux…i consider myself a romantic but i don’t read romance novels. (weird huh). well, i did read some during high school (we love those with dukes and barons and pirates and really fiery love scenes haha) and i remembered how we’d take note of the pages with the “scenes” we’d usually refer to as “climax” and we’d read them over and over again. then i’d say it in my confession. “bless me father for I have sinned… i read something obscene..”

anyway i left the book fair feeling bored than ever. thank god i saw the sign. powerbooks. it was like heaven for me. or like that mirage in a desert. haha. so i got a book, lounged into one of those cute seats there and started reading… my day’s been made.

Books read: 10 chapters: Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton
2 chapters: My Life by Bill Clinton
Skimmed through Britney Spears biography
Also some pages of David Beckham’s
FHM: Eula Valdez
Travel book: Slovenia

i’d probably go back tomorrow.


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