Monday, May 29

weekend report

I’m burnt.

We’re seeing the last days of summer, but it looks like it’s gonna stay on my face for a while.

For a minute I got worried there. I was examining my reflection on a mirror on our way home from another pool party and I was like, “is it a toasted bread staring back at me or what?”

I cannot imagine myself wearing yellow and gold on July 1st, my close friend Sahlee’s wedding day, (and would you believe, my first time to become a bridesmaid). I’ve a feeling it would require more than the papaya soap and cream and stuffs, or else I’d be living the dream of a walking toasted bread.

I said for a minute because thinking of how much fun I had under the sun, I’d burn again, if I had to.

So now my weekend report:


Pool party.
Club Manila East, Rizal.

I’ve no affection for pools. Told you there’s something limiting about it. Plus that uninviting smell of chlorine & urine & saliva & sweat & other gross items that go round and round and round. A couple of times I was able to gulp some and I thought I was going to die *puke*.

Anyway, it was my former company’s outing, and I couldn’t resist the invitation (plus the fact that everything was for free).

It felt good to be with the same people I’ve had the chance to be with for three years.

It’s like a warm feeling of knowing you’re home.

New experiences for me:

1. Kayak under the scorching sun.
2. The 3-storey spiral slide that made me laugh instead of shout thinking how close I was to that TV ad where the girl had dry skin so she wouldn’t slide down. I wasn't even moving. Imagine my embarassment when people were already wondering where I've been. Haha.

Here are some pics:
ek-ek and me
pretty girls ...

before goin home

At 5 pm we had to pack up. Bitin, I thought. I was hoping we’d still have the night to share stories and catch up on each other’s lives.

Night time

Maybe I wasn’t the only one thinking we barely had the chance to talk.

Around 7 pm we went to Starbucks in Metrowalk.

Stories, stories, stories.

And the rain just poured like a madman. It was pretty scary but the coffee never tasted that good. Plus some Marlboro reds. A bit strong, but it was raining anyway.

Oh. My life is blessed!


I’ve been busy the past weeks, and I thought it was just the perfect time to stay in bed and make up for lost sleep, do some laundry, watch the BUZZ, play with the cat (at least she’s slowly getting back to her senses, after the trauma).

I only went out to buy food and hear Sunday mass.

My face still burns, but it was worth it.
Another great weekend.


Blogger Will said...

nothing wrong with people's urine in the pool! everyone who uses the pool only pees in there once :P

sounds like a really fun weekend! best part about sunburn is the pealing afterwards!

8:15 AM  
Blogger luwees said...

haha! yeah, nothing wrong with that except when you, by some sweet accident were able to swallow some of the 'water' (which i did-- eewww)..

10:40 AM  

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