Wednesday, June 21

baby shower

Friday night was our surprise (not-so) baby shower for Tin (my roommate/best friend/teammate/etc). It was a KTV party at Red Box Greenbelt, a reunion of some sort for Tin’s old and new friends (c/o Brets and yours truly). Thank God we were able to pull it through, it was a “so last-minute” plan.

Best way to describe it? Amusing!!! Thanks to Marco (who, let me say has a future in stand-up comedy), we ended up laughing more than singing the night away.

I’m kinda lost for words, so let the pictures tell the story:
me, vileo, brets and marco

go shirley!!!

let's swing it baby!!! (dancing love team marco and she)

mommy and daddy looking at baby...

who moved my cheese?

the whole gang's here


Blogger Dads said...

it was f-u-n! :)

7:00 PM  

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