Wednesday, June 14

change my mind

Let me start with my weekend report. I know it’s Wednesday today, obviously a bit late for an update, but I’ll say it anyway.

Promise I’ll keep it short and simple.

It was good. No, it was great. Coming to work during the holiday (last Monday) didn’t keep me from having a helluva crazy weekend. I was able to have confession last Friday. Long rest last Saturday. Go to Cavite for Gee Anne’s birthday last Sunday where we sang our hearts out. Watch Cars last Monday, where I laughed ridiculously.

All of those I got to do with the sun in my eyes.

It rained, during most afternoons, but not enough to drive the sun away.

I got the papers I’ve been waiting for. This brings me an inch closer to “the dreams”.

I had mixed feelings about it.

It’s always been the case whenever I come face to face with something like an answered prayer. It suddenly concerns me, what if I prayed wrong?

I’m both excited and scared.

Then somebody asks. “What would make you change your mind?”

I just shrugged my shoulders.

*to be continued*


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