Friday, June 23


I don't feel well today, though my body can't decide yet if it's going to have a mild case of tonsilitis, or sore throat or fever. I just know that my throat aches when I swallow, and my head spins and I've to tighten my jacket to fight the chill.
I could have afforded myself a much-needed rest this weekend, but the bad news is that tomorrow's our team building in Cavite, and the thought just takes my life away. Emil tells me I should ask to be excused, my health matters more than anything, but I honestly don't want to be left behind.
Anyway I took some lozenges (which paralyzed my tongue for a moment), paracetamol for my head ache and drowned myself with enough water to temper my body heat.
To no avail.
I still feel terrible.
I just hope that a nice sleep can take all these away.
By the way, Shirley is sleeping over tonight.
It's also Tin's (my roommate/etc) last day in office, and in our house. (but i don't want to think about that, I'm missing her already).
I keep trying to weed out such thoughts, I think it's even aggravating my awful state.
I think after tonight I'll be sleeping in the room alone.
Makes me even sicker.
But looking on the brighter side (which I try to do whenever something not good clouds over me), I hope this brings out the independent spirit in me. I kind of lose that everytime I know someone's just there beside me. I hope it's goin' to teach me things I've already forgotten.
Like being strong, and self-reliant and unafraid.
Let's see what's gonna happen.
For now, I have to deal with my sickness.
Happy weekend!


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