Friday, June 9

simple joys

i've learned never to undermine the joys that simple things can bring.
i met with my brother today, the great photographer i was telling you about. they're here for a wedding photo shoot in forbes park.
so we had lunch. he brought along his college best friends, who were also his colleagues in the photography business. a bunch of happy people 2 years younger than me.they called me 'ate' and it didn't bother me at all.
lunch was delish. as with the feeling of having to spend an hour with a brother you only get to meet once in four months.
simple joys. i missed that.
charlie took a pic of me and my brother.
we had the biggest smiles.
*photos to follow*


Blogger mango_red said...


thanks for pitchin us and supporting us or something like that! hehehe

makes us mighty proud of what we're doing in spite of the ultimate struggles and everything! hehehe

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