Tuesday, June 6


It was a weird weekend.

Weird in a nice way.

Weird in a way that makes me smile.

Weird coz maybe it seemed new.

You see for sometime it was a seemingly never-ending and oftentimes already irritating litany of breakups and disappointments with men. You know those things like losses or rejections or betrayals or fears… things that make me whine nonstop.

Just last Friday I was lamenting on another disappointment (again).

Coupled with torrents of rain and going home to an empty apartment, I thought I’d break down.

It was a consolation that Brets (another single friend), was there to share a hot latte with me. Funny that it took us almost five hours to empty that coffee cup. Maybe the conversation tasted better than caffeine. We were talking about our lives at 25.

Seemed like we were on the same boat. A boat sailing on a sea of disappointments.

So much for the drama.

So the rain stopped. The sun comes out.

Here comes this person who made me remember that nice feeling of having someone to treat you like a princess.

Someone who’d make you believe that there’s still somebody out there who could love you that much.

Someone who’d look at you, with stunned eyes, like he’s completely lost in you.

Someone who wouldn’t even let the rain touch your hair coz you might catch colds.

Someone willing to reshuffle his life to follow you.

Someone who’d tell you, you deserve the best.

Someone who’d beg for the chance to make you happy.

Someone who’d love you for who you are.

Someone who’d just love you.

It seemed like a dream you know.


I must admit it was one of the happiest weekends of my young life.

But weird also, that I had to put back the fence around me again.


Blogger Dads said...

really now? hmmmm... kwento naman dyan! :)

10:24 PM  

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