Tuesday, August 22

honeymoon haha

Hello. This is soooo long overdue. It’s been two weeks since our Hongkong trip and I’m still groping for words to start off this entry…

Well I gotta try, right.

Ok. So I’d begin with a thank you for mahal. Big thank you *hugs & kisses*.

The Hongkong trip was his gift to me. Originally he planned to pop the question there…at the Disney Hollywood Hotel (which by the way is magical). But a few days before our trip, he couldn’t anymore bear the agony of waiting and he surprised me with a lovely diamond ring (which brought me to tears).

My friends teased me nonstop that it was gonna be our honeymoon.

Well indeed it was as sweet as honey… *wink, wink*

We did have a lot of our usual fights, sometimes they made me cry. But mahal loves me. And I love him. In the end, we’d always kiss and make up..

(so much for these stuffs, lemme just lay down the pics)…

at the HK airport (stolen shots kse bawal pla mag-picture sa loob)

sampan ride at aberdeen waiting for the dolphins at ocean park
penguins at ocean park
our castle at disneyland
disney at night
sunbathing at repulse bay
we rode the peak tram
at walk the peak, we're on top of the world now

HK was really magical. And 4 days arent enuf.

Especially when you're with the one you love. =)


Blogger *eLLe* said...

wow congrats po! :) and inggit ako, gusto ko din mag-HK hehe :)

7:33 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I went to HK this year too! it was my first time and I had a blast!
Disney and Ocean park were da-bomb! hehe.

Ingit ako coz u got to spend it with you love. ako with a friend lang. but it was still good. :)

10:50 AM  

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