Friday, August 4

peace of mind

*Let me just say that from this point going forward, I’ll be referring to Emil as Mahal (hmmmnn, sweet). Not only is this the way I call him, it’s also how I feel about him. Especially while writing this. =)

Mahal reminds me of the song Beautiful in My Eyes. (Now I have dreamy eyes haha). This line “You’re my peace of mind, in this crazy world”, it just melts my heart.

After all those blows in my past relationships, he came like the calm after the storm. Of course, coming from such a complicated past, I kind of had an issue about trusting anybody else again. Sure my doors never closed but it wasn’t easy letting someone in again.

I made it difficult for him but he simply told me love conquers all.

I guess I’ve been conquered.

He gave me my peace of mind.

Peace of mind.

My friend Jon-Jean tells me it’s the best kind of peace one can ever have.

I totally agree.

I think it’s a product of experiencing contentment in your heart. He emptied it of all excess baggage --- pain and angst and regrets and fears and then he filled it up with love. It weighed so much less than it did before.

He simplified my life. He taught me the joy in simple things. Sometimes whenever a dream dies, I lament like I lost the whole world. Now he’s slowly taught me that losses, just like everything else, is just a matter of perspective. He goes “Always look at the bright side of things.”

It’s also about security. I don’t need to try so hard to look good for him coz he finds me beautiful even when I forgot to comb my hair. I can sleep at night without worries of losing him the next day. Or fear of going through another storm again.

I can sleep with a smile in my face.

It’s a crazy world.

But I found my peace.

Thanks mahal. =)


Blogger Dads said...

awwwwwwwwwwww... =') i can very well relate....:D

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