Tuesday, September 26


it's been so, so, so long since i last pushed my pen.. so, so long, i feel like i no longer have a command with words. i don't even know how to start.

so much has happened, though the best thing about it is that for the longest time, i have been generally happy. i used 'generally' because even if it hasn't been a completely smooth sail, just the thought that someone's sailing with you takes away the weight, and the fear and the sadness.

yeah, i remember being a habitually whining 'single' girl with cold saturday nights and recurring pictures of failed realtionships. singing 'il never get over you getting over me' over and over again. totally breaking down when 'anything for you' plays on the radio. simply crying myself to sleep.

now it's different. i can listen to nina singing "but sometimes things don't work out right And you just have to say goodbye" and not feel hurt, or dispensable or disposable.

now i look forward to weekends, because then i'll be with him, and we'll make up for the whole week that we've been absent in each other's days.

i look forward, most especially to a future family photo of us -me, mahal and many, many beautiful kids. My dream home, my dream house. this is bliss...

from being single and heartbroken, now i'm engaged and whole and hopeful.

i've no regrets being on that phase in my life. somehow it's made me stronger and fuller. so that when the right one came, i had my arms wide open.

people say, if it isn’t a good ending, then it isn’t the end yet.
it's just a matter of waiting. and having faith.


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