Tuesday, September 26


two weeks ago, we went home to meet the parents. i met his family. he met mine. he had lunch over our house. i spent an entire day in their farm. in my thoughts, the meeting was to be really intimidating. but when i saw his mom, i knew i had been exaggerating.

she was the best. (not to be sipsip or anything, but she stands out from among my (ex) boyfriend's mommies i have met in the past. (plus the really exciting part that she was goin to be my mommy soon).

his sis was nice too. his dad was funny. his lolo has been really warm. no doubt he's a very good boy (hehe). it runs in the family.

it wasnt the hostile house i have imagined.

it was in fact a very friendly place. i loved the farm, the trees, the pigs, the pond, the nipa hut, the dogs, the cats, the love birds, the doves, the orchids, the 'duyan', his mom's paksiw.

it was a great homecoming.

some pics:
up on the avocado tree
sway my way
fields of gold


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