Thursday, October 12


I have just moved out. In my mind I feel it’s more than just moving to a new place.

Moving on… yeah…more like it.

Well I’m talking as if I’m coming from a troubled past. Ang drama ko talaga kahit kelan.

Guess I’ve a tendency to be a just that… (I beg your indulgence.)

Anyways, what I’m merely trying to say is that moving to a new place means to me like a fresh start.

I’ve awfully been negative about my life and things the past months and I would really like to do things differently from now on.

I mean, these days, I can sleep without a wrinkle in my face.

Well I tell myself this is exactly how I should be in the first place.

Having good things in life like my family, my friends, my job and mahal (and a handful of beautiful dreams with him), what more can I ask for?

Wednesday, October 4


I talk of resilience and faith but I waver whenever I find myself immersed in hot water. I must have overrated myself.

Or maybe I have grown backwards?

I remember the time when I’ve faith that could move mountains. And a positive attitude that could outshine the sun.

Now I find myself worrying non-stop. Looking from outside my fence and wondering why their grass is better.

It’s terrible, that at the end of the day, much of what I could think of are the things I could have done differently. Even my prayers are more questions than prayers.

Was it Oprah that once said, “If the only prayer you have said in your entire life is thank you, then that should be enough?”

I don’t know if I make sense right now. But I know that this should end.