Thursday, October 12


I have just moved out. In my mind I feel it’s more than just moving to a new place.

Moving on… yeah…more like it.

Well I’m talking as if I’m coming from a troubled past. Ang drama ko talaga kahit kelan.

Guess I’ve a tendency to be a just that… (I beg your indulgence.)

Anyways, what I’m merely trying to say is that moving to a new place means to me like a fresh start.

I’ve awfully been negative about my life and things the past months and I would really like to do things differently from now on.

I mean, these days, I can sleep without a wrinkle in my face.

Well I tell myself this is exactly how I should be in the first place.

Having good things in life like my family, my friends, my job and mahal (and a handful of beautiful dreams with him), what more can I ask for?


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